So you’ve decided to give your kitchen an upgrade by installing granite and quartz countertops. However, in this day and age of do-it-yourself, it is enticing to go to YouTube and watch an installation video tutorial. Unfortunately, what appears to be a cost-effective strategy of not seeking a reputable granite countertop installation near me may result in an expensive mistake. Installing a new countertop is a substantial investment in your home. As a result, seeking a professional “granite countertop installation near me” may not only be a viable alternative, but it will also assist you in avoiding blunders!

But first, let’s learn more about Granite Countertops!

One of the most commonly used stone materials in residential and commercial properties is granite countertops in Santa Monica. Granite is a natural material with distinct qualities, textures, and patterns that ensure no two slabs appear the same. Granite is not only gorgeous, but it is also robust and durable since it can withstand high temperatures and is scratch resistant. 

Why Hiring Experts for Granite Countertop Installations is A Better Option?

  • No Errors – Some errors are unavoidable, even for seasoned professionals. However, if your expert makes a mistake, you will not be responsible for the expense, as you would if you did the installation yourself.
  • Professional Guidance – It’s natural to have many questions about your countertop installation, especially if you’ve never done it before. Professionals will surely be a helpful source of knowledge on the nature of the countertops and how to maintain them after installation.
  • Boost Your Project – Having a countertop installation specialist might be beneficial if you require the service in the future. After you’ve installed your new granite countertops, you might want to consider installing a stone backsplash.

Because granite kitchen is a long-term investment, you’ve probably never gone through the installation procedure before. You may be wondering what happens during installation, how long it takes to complete your kitchen granite, or what you need to do before our crew arrives to install.

What to do before the install team arrives?

  • Ensure there is a clear pathway for them
  • If you have children or pets, ensure their safety by ensuring they are not in the path of the installers transporting your new countertop.
  • Cover your furniture or other belongings to protect them from dust
  • You should be present during the installation process as the installers will go over the specifics of the installation process and get clearance before leaving your home.

What to Expect in Granite Countertop Installation?

  • The installers will carefully remove your existing countertops and try their best to avoid any damage.
  • The installers will begin carrying your granite across the threshold.
  • The installers then ensure that every cabinet is level and secure to the wall before the granite is put in place.
  • The granite pieces will be placed on the counters once the cabinets have been leveled. The stone pieces will next be bonded together at the seams with epoxy.
  • After all the stone is in place, the installers will use acetone or denatured alcohol to remove extra epoxy, caulk, or dust from the cooktop or faucet hole cutting.
  • They will clean and seal your granite counters, clear up the job site as much as possible, and provide you tips on how to maintain and care for your countertops so that they last long.

Contact A Pro Today!

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