The best granite and quartz countertops are a perfect blend of form and function, boosting the appearance of your kitchen while providing enough room to prepare all of your favorite recipes. The countertops installation cost varies depending on where you live, the type of granite kitchen you choose, and whether you hire a professional or do it yourself. And this blog will teach you all you need to know about the various variables of countertops installation cost so you can get started on your project with confidence.

The Type of Material

Material is one of the most important variables influencing countertop pricing installation. Natural stones, such as quartzite, granite, and marble, are often far more expensive than manufactured stones, such as quartz, or synthetic materials, such as acrylic and laminate.

The Size of the Slab

The size of the slab you want to install is another factor to consider. The greater the component, the more expensive the countertop. The cost will be lower if you pick two (or more) little pieces, but the seams will be more obvious. However, cutting one piece from the same slab provides more color and look consistency than cutting many pieces from separate slabs.

How Thick is the Material

Countertops generally range in thickness from 1.2 to 3 cm. The thicker the slab, obviously, the more costly and long-lasting it will be. If you go with 2 cm, the countertop will need plywood support or additional lamination to increase its strength and stability. And this necessitates additional work, which results in another cost. The 3-centimeter size does not need the use of plywood.

The Color and Design You Choose

Stone countertops come in various colors and designs, both uncommon and natural. Common natural colors like green, beige, and brown are less expensive, but rarer hues with detailed patterns like blue, red, and purple are more expensive.

Where’s It From

The country of origin of the stone can have a considerable influence on its price. And this is due to the higher cost of shipping from a distant supply nation. Transporting granite from Spain or Brazil to Canada, for example, will cost more than shipping granite from Canada or America.

How’s It Done

Typically, dealers will give one price for the stone and another for the manufacturing of the countertop. The latter cost is determined by various criteria, including the countertop’s edge profile, the number of cutouts, and whether you pick a polished or textured surface. 

The Complexities of the Installation Process

Many stone dealers that offer slabs charge for fabrication separately. And this means you may install the countertop yourself or hire an expert. To avoid mistakes, we prefer the latter.

Should you do your very own countertop installation or call a professional?

Installing countertops yourself can undoubtedly save you money on labor charges, but it is not a simple task. At the absolute least, you’ll want the assistance of another person or two to transfer and hoist your countertop into position.

In addition, depending on the material, you may need to sand, seal, or do other installation duties, so make sure you have some experience in this area. For these reasons, unless you are confident in your ability to do it yourself, it is typically advisable to contact the local “granite installers near me” that you can trust and save more money on the installation cost of countertops.

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